Timing Belt

Whether your vehicle has a timing belt or timing chain, it is crucial to the smooth running of your engine. A failure can cause catastrophic damage to key components of your engine. Your vehicle manufacturer typically provides the ideal mileage limits for when replacement is necessary. (See your vehicle scheduled maintenance chart in your owner’s manual.) However, depending on how you drive your vehicle the limits may be earlier than suggested.
The timing belt in your vehicle maintains the correct timing of the engine valves in relation to the up-and-down movement of the pistons. In most cases the timing belt will drive the water pump as well. When a timing belt is showing signs of wear you may notice your vehicle becoming hard to start (even when it is warm) or the idle of your engine has become rougher than usual. You may also notice an occasional misfire and poor gas mileage. If you have gotten to this point you should bring your vehicle in immediately before damage to key components occur such as damage caused by a piston striking a valve. If this occurs the repair can become quite extensive and much more expensive.
Timing Belt Kit - Auto Repair in Colorado Springs, CO
Replacing a timing belt as a part of your vehicle’s maintenance program will ensure your vehicle will run as it should for a long time to come. While doing this we recommend replacing the water pump as part of the service. We will already have the cover off of your engine and the water pump is an easy replacement at this point.

If you think it is time to have your timing belt or timing chain replaced please contact us and schedule your service today.
Timing Belt Diagram - Auto Repair in Colorado Springs CO
Timing Belt - Auto Repair in Colorado Springs CO